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Dependable and Dedicated Service Coordination

Why choose a Service Coordinator?

Put Your Loved One’s Needs First

Hire a service coordinator to advocate for the care your loved one needs and deserves. We help our clients understand treatments, coordinate initial and follow-up care, and provide local resources. We focus on helping to maintaining a senior’s quality of life. We prioritize making an accurate assessment of the health care services and resources needed. Have peace of mind that comes from knowing a service coordinator will effectively address needs as they change over time.

Call us today at 585-785-3000 for your free initial consultation.


Why choose us?

A Chara offers knowledgeable, personalized service

The people who make the outreach phone calls are the care coordination team. You talk with the people who will be managing your situation, not a sales team.

Who do we help?

A Chara Services helps people who want to stay out of a nursing home.


We work with individuals and families seeking independent living situations for themselves or their loved ones.

We specialize in two areas of service coordination:

What do we do?

We help you get care and services you need to live as independently as possible.

We will help you understand the resources available, navigate the paperwork, and assist you in making decisions about care options.


We stay with you throughout the whole process and help assist as you choose caregivers, medical treatments, and more throughout the course of caring for a loved one.

We offer knowledgeable, personalized service
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